Leave your mark on Africa and make a difference through our authentic conservation experiences.


We help you to experience Africa in a new and truly memorable way by actively participating in, and giving back to, wildlife conservation.

Experience the front lines of conservation as you join a group of dedicated people working to protect some of Africa’s most endangered wildlife.


Human-wildlife conflicts are often involve elephants as we continue to encroach on their habitats. Elephants also continue to be poached throughout Africa for their ivory.

There is still so much to learn about these incredible giants and continuous research is required to fully understand how we can better protect them.
  • Participate in an expedition to track, dart and collar elephants in the wild for research and monitoring purposes


Pangolins are among the most highly trafficked animals on the planet and they are already locally extinct in many parts of Africa.

As one of the most endangered species in Africa massive efforts are required to protect them from extinction.
  • Track pangolin on foot in their natural habitat
  • Capture and tag wild pangolin for monitoring and research
  • Release pangolins saved from trafficking back into the wild


Rhino numbers throughout Africa are dwindling as they continue to be poached for their horns.

Luckily there are dedicated teams and individuals working tirelessly to protect these magnificent creatures from extinction.
  • Join a team of professionals as they track, dart, de-horn and safely release a rhino.
  • Track rhino and view and monitor them in their natural habitat


Only a few protected pockets of habitat remain where Africa's big cats are able to thrive. Much research is going into finding innovative ways in which big cats and humans can co-exist in an area and large projects are underway to reintroduce these creatures in areas where they no longer occur.
  • Track collared cheetah with a research team
  • Join a team of conservationists as they track, dart and attach a radio collar to a big cat
  • Be part of a release where an injured or relocated cat is returned to the wild


These experiences seek to protect a wide variety of Africa's wildlife including giraffe, wild dog, zebra and antelope through a wide variety of research methods as we seek to find innovative ways to help these creatures flourish once more.
  • Track collared game with a research team
  • Join a team of conservationists as they track, dart and attach a radio collar
  • Be part of a release where injured or relocated wildlife is returned to the wild


Our Oceans are under constant pressure from over harvesting, pollution and a changing climate.

There is a wide scope for ways in which we can all help protect this vital ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it.
  • Snorkel with Cape Fur Seals
  • Snorkel in Coastal Kelp Forests
  • Free dive with Blue and Mako Sharks
All experiences are subject to availability and a conservation contribution, which goes directly into the conservation project you are engaging with, is included in all experiences.

Costs vary depending on the type and location of the activity. We will work with you to create an unforgettable experience that fits your budget.